Blossom Tours

Down here on the farm, we love spring. If the bees are buzzing, we know that means it’s time for our annual blossom tours! It’s the time when the trees are blooming all around us and we can’t wait to get outside. The orchard is filled with all the beautiful colors and scents of spring, and we can’t wait to take y’all for a tour around the orchard to experience it. 

The Blossom Tour Experience

Blossom tours generally begin around April, but between you and me – it’s all about when the trees decide to bloom. We’re on their schedule, after all. Our farm tractors will take you out for a view of our 300 acre farm surrounded by the mountains of Blue Ridge, GA. All you need to bring is yourself, your loved ones, and a camera to capture all the beautiful blooms! This is a perfect opportunity for the whole family to get a glimpse of the early stages of the life of fruit on the trees.

After your blossom tour is over, the fun doesn’t have to end there! Our market & bakery will be open with all the freshest goodies you can find! We’ll have fried pies, fresh apple cider donuts, apple fritters, and more baked goods in the bakery. In the market, we’ll have fresh seasonal fruit to choose from. Then you can head over to the winery to pick up some hard cider or wine to take back home with you! Come join in on the fun!