Hard Cider

Hard Cider and wine are available year-round here at Mercier Orchards. We were one of the first orchards in Georgia to grow, press, ferment, and bottle our own ciders. Throughout the year, we offer more than a dozen hard ciders, from classic favorites, like Grumpy Granny, to specialty seasonal flavors, like Jalapeacho. We also produce our very own seasonal wines, and carry a wide variety of local wines, meads, and more. Come in, enjoy a tasting flight, and you’ll be “hard-pressed” not to take some home.

Canned Ciders

Grumpy Granny

Grumpy Granny cider is so good even grandma couldn’t help but sneak a sip (though she’d never admit it!) Made with sour Granny Smiths, it’s dry, tart, and grandma disapproved.

Just Peachy

Our Just Peachy cider tastes like sunshine and long summer days on the back porch. Sweet peaches with a touch of southern sugar – Enjoy a glass and smile, after all, isn’t life Just Peachy?

Hard Ciders Available On Tap

  • Adele’s Choice. A crisp dry traditional cider, lightly tart, made from the first apple harvest. Named for our founder, Adele Mercier.
  • A Cold Day in Hops. Semi-sweet dry-hopped cider.
  • Black Bee. A semi-dry cider made with Arkansas Black apples and sourwood honey. The Arkansas Black apples give the cider a semi-tart/dry finish, while the honey adds a nice floral accent to the end and the nose.
  • Grumpy Granny. Made from Granny Smith apples, dry cider with a strong tart apple flavor.
  • Legends. Semi-sweet Tart single varietal with a great balance of sweet and tart.
  • Just Peachy. Sweet and very peachy, made from peach juice with a little added sugar. Like a summer day on the back porch.
  • Old #3. Our original hard cider, made from Gold Rush apples. Sweet, crisp, refreshing, with a hint of apple tartness.
  • Jalapeacho. Sweet Peach cider flavored with a secret pepper blend.
  • Hard Cider & Wine Slushies. Daily Flavors Available.
  • Sneaky Jack. A hard cider aged in bourbon barrels for a nice rich flavor.
  • Apple Bramble. Smooth blackberry start, tart apple finish.
  • Bohemian Raspberry. Semi-sweet. Sweet raspberry start with a crisp tart apple finish.
  • Pineapple Dynamite. Sweet tropical start with a slightly tart, spicy finish.

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