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Hey, folks! Are you ready for a taste of some sweet southern goodness? Come summertime out here at Mercier’s in Blue Ridge, GA, our blackberries will be ripening up just in time for you to snag ‘em on your very own U-Pick adventure! When the dog days come around, It’s time for some good ol’ blackberry-pickin’ fun.

Farming & Plant Care

Ever wondered what life on our farm is like? Join us on a journey through the fields! Our blog posts offer a personal glimpse into how we grow our crops and the adventures we have along the way. If you don’t know much about farm life before reading, we’re sure you’ll leave with an abundance of knowledge! 


Do you want to learn how to make some of our most famous and delicious recipes? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve curated a list of some of our most desired recipes and put them all in one place for you! Impress your next guests with these delicious, fun, (and surprisingly easy to make) recipes!